Beginner with lots of info requires assistance!

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Hello, everyone!
My name's Rihards, 15 years old.
My stats:
Age: 15
Weight: 60kg's
Height: 174cm
Okay, now some overall info of my want/progress.
I have wanted to workout for some time now, but couldn't really ever do it, because my school's gym kinda screw me over and some other stuff. I found out about calisthenics and pretty much decided, it's for me. I didn't really know what to do at the start, but I know some stuff now... I know 1. You need to warm up in some way. I currently do that by running around 1km-1.5km to the place I plan working out in. Then 2. For strength, you need to do around 1-10 reps. If you can do like 15 or more, it only will increase endurance, not strength. 3. You need to cool down after a workout also, you can't just stop working out. For me that would be a few simple stretches and then running/walking back from the place I'm working out.
Currently, I have worked out in this calisthenics 1 time. I did like a simple workout after warming up, and at the end cooling down. Today when I'm writing this, is the day after that workout. My upper legs are killing me and my shoulders (When I lift my arms straight up.) Obviously because I don't workout at all and I just did for real and now they are sore. I know you also need to take a day inbetween workouts for your body to rest and muscles to actually grow.
I want to go tomorrow in the morning again, and on work days after school. I think that would be suitable for me.
One problem I have now is getting the correct calisthenics workout.
This is what I'm planning to do next time, but never actually tried:
4 Sets 1-4 Reps of Negative Pull-ups
3-5 to max Sets 10 Reps Australian pull-ups
2-4 Sets 4-10 Reps Negative Dips
3-6 to max Sets 5 Reps Push ups.
4-6 Sets 15 Reps Squats
2-4 Sets 40 sec. Wall sit
4-10 Sets 10-20 Crunches
2-4 to max Sets 20-60 sec. Plank

I can't do a full (that is till arms are in 90°) dip, nor' a pull-up. I can do maybe 1-2 chin ups, but that's it. I've seen a lot of different beginner workout plans, but most of the things in them I can't do. This one is the best one I had found, and I changed it a tiny bit.
Also I'm trying to eat healthier and drink lots of water.

Thanks in advance for any help



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