Please help me

#1 von Anirudh Sharma ( Gast ) , 09.12.2016 09:36

Please give me your vews because you are expert in calstanics and these equipment are for life long so i do not want to make any mistake

1 and 2 option i have to buy

1. FOR PULL UP = There is 3 option pls help me to select one
A. Doorway Pull Up Bars
B. Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars
C. stand alone pull up bars

2. FOR DIP = There is 2 option pls help me to select one
A. Lebert Equalizer Black XXL
B. Black Mountain Dip Station

3. SHOULD I BUY these items also if this these are not important not importat so pls tell?
A.Weighted Vests
B.Ab Wheels
C.Gymnastic Rings
D.Push Up Bars

Anirudh Sharma

RE: Please help me

#2 von Gast , 18.12.2016 13:32

I'm using a wall mounted PU bar over a door. Using it daily I find only one small negative point: u have to take care not to hit your head agaibst the ceiling 😉

For dips currently I'm using two chairs, perfectly feasable and very low cost.



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